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Marlborough Productions, New Queers on the Block:    Tammy Reynolds
Scottee: The Queer Wall
Scottee: Class - Edinburgh
Scottee: Things We've Always Wanted to Tell You - Dublin Fringe Festival
Scottee and Matty May: Bleeps and Bloops
The Sick of The Fringe (London)
Artsadmin Bursary 2015
UEL 2015
Peopling the Palace(s) 2015
A Season of Bangla Drama: 2014
Peopling the Palace(s) 2014
Tammy WhyNot: Elderly Home Residency: Croatia
Scottee: Class - Manchester
Chris Dobrowolski: Washed Up Car-Go
Tammy on Tour: Rose Court
Installation: A Question of Decency: Poland
Lois Weaver: Long Table
Tammy WhyNot: UK Tour
Installation: Desperate Archives: NYC
The Grainstore: Scotland
Tammy WhyNot: The Posh Club
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