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Vijay Patel: Pull The Trigger
Sh!t Theatre: Sh!t Actually - Bus Tour
Hannah Maxwell: I, AmDram - Trailer
Rosa Postlethwaite: Composed
Split Britches: (UXO) Unexploded Ordnances
Lucy Hutson: Bi-curious George...
Le Gateau Chocolat: Duckie
Ira Brand: Break Yourself
Ria Hartley: Untouchable
Lucy Hutson: Britney Spears...
The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein: Notorious
Sh!t Theatre: Sh!t Actually - Trailer
Hannah Maxwell: I, AmDram - Teaser
Foxy and Husk: Sweet Dreams
Tammy WhyNot: My Pink Guitar
Liz Carr: Assisted Suicide The Musical
Split Britches: Unexploded Ordnances
Shit Theatre: Letters to Windsor House
Peggy Shaw: P.S.A
Lois Weaver: What Tammy Needs to Know...
Shit Theatre: Womens Hour
Foxy and Husk: Fox Dance
Foxy and Husk: Fox Symphony
Shatter Resistant: Cathy's Kitchen
Andres Velasquez: Moon Man
Shit Theatre: Guinea Pigs on Trial
Foxy and Husk: Singaporean Fox
Shit Theatre: Guinea Pigs on Trial
Ellie Stamp: Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Shit Theatre: JSA
Stacy Makishi: The Falsettos
Split Britches: RUFF
Split Britches: Last Gasp
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